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River Cruising

Europe is undeniably a favourite river-cruise destination. Rivers such as the Danube, Rhine and Rhone reach into the heart of many historically and culturally rich cities. Sailing along historic waterways onboard your floating luxury hotel, you’ll see some of the most enchanting places in the world up close.

Your proximity to the shore means that colourful hillside villages, picturesque castles, and ancient ruins are always within view and ready for exploration. For a little adventure the Rhine offers a history and culture that has been the source of life for thousands of years and Asia is emerging with plenty of offerings showcasing a rich culture with a colonial background via the waterways of Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar

Ocean Cruising

If you’re new to cruising or have never cruised with a premium luxury cruise line before, you owe it to yourself to experience the extraordinary thrill of travelling on board a truly luxurious and intimate cruise ship for your next holiday. Any preconceptions vanish as you discover the spacious public spaces, sumptuous suites, personalised service, generous amenities and all-inclusive lifestyle aboard small to medium sized premium and luxury cruise ships sailing seasonally in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Baltic, Alaska and the Pacific Coast, Caribbean, Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean, Asia and South America.

This is what it means to arrive in style, travelling from one fascinating destination to another without repacking or airport hassles. Awaken each day refreshed and ready to explore shore side or to indulge in a variety of leisurely on-board activities not excluding the wide array of gourmet options available. This is the allure of ocean travel and the uncommon experience offered exclusively by ocean cruising.

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Luxury Yacht Cruising

Going to sea on a mega yacht is to experience the unrivalled pleasure of a private cruise! Onboard, each guest is free to go at their own pace, to savour the joys of being alone or to share enjoyable moments with others in luxurious surroundings. Explore legendary destinations and the world’s most secretive ports, only accessible to small capacity ships. Glide into the turquoise lagoons of the Ari Atoll in the Maldives or the Similan Marine Park in Thailand on Le Ponant.

If you enjoy diving, plunge into the depths of the mysterious underwater world with an experienced instructor, returning to your luxurious yacht to set sail for your next adventure.

Adventure Cruising

Adventure cruising is changing the way we explore our world. If the spirit of adventure appeals to you, along with the comforts of fine dining and unobtrusive service, spacious accommodation and the company of around 100 like–minded travellers, then read on as there is an adventure cruise experience that awaits you. Expedition cruising is emerging as a favourite amongst cruisers and non-cruisers alike for its exceptional offerings in remote locations.

The Kimberley, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and The Golden Triangle, Russian Far East, Antarctica, Sub-Antarctic Islands, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, West Coast of Africa, Central and South America, Arctic and Remote North can be explored in a remarkable way. The nature of expedition cruising is such that you are immediately immersed into the destination whether on board, motoring about in a Zodiac craft or when solidly on terra firma.


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