Travel on the Hurtigruten, along the beautiful coast of Norway from Kirkenes to Bergen and get to experience one of the world’s most scenic sea voyage. The voyage calls at over 30 ports, clinging close to the coast as you weave through the legendary Lofoten Islands famous for stunning nature and idyllic fishing sites. This is a great post option for our London conference.

 Awaken the explorer in you on this adventure from the Arctic wilderness of northern Norway to the world's most beautiful islands and fjords along the coast. Explore the rugged coastline as you go face-to-face with natural wonders and experience thrilling excursions.

Coastal Voyage NorthBergen to Kirkenes, 9 Days

From $2,686 per person, this post conference experience includes:

  • Overnight in central hotel in Bergen & Kirkenes, breakfast included (1 night pre and 1 night post voyage)
  •  6-night voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes in a twin outside cabin
  • Full board on board Hurtigruten ship
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Taxes and service fees

Please note:

  • Please have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements, including cancellation. Please contact CPE Travel for your requirements.

Details of our private escorted journey from Bergen to Kirkenes.

Day 1 – Arrive Bergen and explore this waterfront town
Arrive and transfer to your hotel. Bergen offers many attractions and sights - many within walking distance. Recommended sights of interests are the Hanseatic harbour Bryggen, Fløibanen Funicular, Troldhaugen, the Fish and Flower market, Bergen Aquarium and Gamle Bergen (Old Bergen Open Air Museum).

Day 2 – Embarkation in Bergen
You have the morning and early afternoon free before boarding your Hurtigruten ship, it is time to explore the historical centre of Bergen where you'll be transported back to a time when Bergen was the centre of political power and trade for the entire North Atlantic. It was the Capital of the Kingdom of Norway for a short period, before the capital was moved to Oslo in 1299, and the town grew to become the largest in Scandinavia. The Hanseatic League established itself here in 1350 and had a trade monopoly that lasted 200 years. Your ship departs at 20:00 (8pm).

Day 3 – Ålesund  
Your ship navigates the skerries and islands further north before reaching Ålesund. Marvel at the inspiring architecture in the Apotekergate and Kongensgate pedestrian precinct, perfect examples of the Art Nouveau style. Don’t miss out on the view from Mount Aksla but beware, there are 418 steps to the top! The next destination will be the spectacular UNE SCO-listed Geirangerfjord. En route to the end of this beautiful fjord you pass sheer, 800m cliffs and impressive waterfalls.

Day 4 – The Royal City of Trondheim
Ports visited today: Kristiansund, Trondheim, Rørvik.

When visiting the old royal city of Trondheim, be sure to get a good view from the Gamle Bybrua (“Old Town Bridge”). Dating from 1861, this neo-gothic wooden bridge used to be the only way into the town centre. Nidaros Cathedral, built between 1070 and 1300, is Norway’s largest Gothic religious edifice. In the neighboring Archbishop’s Palace, the Norwegian Crown Jewels are kept.

In Trondheim itself, the Hanseatic, waterside storehouses built on wooden stilts are just as charming as the Rococo-style Stiftsgården, the largest wooden building in Norway and residence for the Royal Family when visiting Trondheim. New optional activities will have you kayaking on the river Nid and into the city's smaller channels or during winter time, you have the opportunity to try typical Norwegian winter activities such as skiing, tobogganing and sledding.

You then set a course for the northwest, past the beautiful Kjeungskjær lighthouse and thousands of little islands and picturesque rocky outcrops.  

Day 5 – Arctic Circle and Lofoten Islands
This morning, between Nesna and Ørnes, you pass a globe on a small islet, which heralds your crossing of the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Circle marks the border of the the Arctic reiong. In summer this means 24-hour daylight - often referred to as the 'Midnight Sun'. During autumn and winter, being above this degree of latitude gives you the best chance of experiencing the Northern Lights.

In the afternoon, your ship gradually closes in on the 3,280 feet high Lofoten Wall towering above the tiny and colourful fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands. This is an extraordinary place to disembark and take a stroll. 

The Lofoten Islands offer some of the most breath-taking scenery in the country with towering, pointed mountain peaks rising majestically from the sea to a height of almost 1000 metres. Many of the island interiors are swathed in emerald greens, and the shorelines are fringed with white sandy beaches.These islands are renowned for their small, picturesque fishing villages with their bohemian atmosphere surrounded by majestic granite cliffs and white sandy beaches. Complete your visit with a stroll between the stockfish racks and ‘rorbuer’, the traditional, red fishermen’s residences. The Lofoten Islands are a truly extraordinary experience. Cast your eyes skywards in the evening for a chance to see the Northern Lights.

Day 6 – Tromsø
Your next major stop will be Tromsø where you are free to either try many of the winter activities available in its vicinity or head to the lovely cafes & pubs by the water. Opportunities for additional dog sledding through the beautiful winter landscape, guided northern light tours are other possible activities. Or why not head to one of the town’s many friendly pubs and sample the local brew, Mack’s Arctic Beer.

Day 7 – Gate way to The Arctic: Honningsvåg and the North Cape
Deep in Norways Arctic North, with its 2,800 inhabitants, is the coastal capital Honningsvåg. Apart from the offer of spectacular views of surrounding wildlife and nature,  Honningsvåg also offers excellent shops, Arctic dining experiences and other exciting activities. We reccommend checking out the Perleporten Kulturhus (the local cultural centre), and the Artico Ice Bar. A visit to the church is highly recommended: it was the only building left standing in Honningsvåg at the end of World War II.

Naturally, the most popular attraction in Honningsvåg is a visit to the North Cape. View the vast ocean as you stand on the edge of the cliff with the iconic globe monument. With clean, crisp air and panoramas that encompass where the sea meets the horizon, North Cape feels like the edge of the world. 

Day 7 & 8 – Disembark in Kirkenes, overnight & departure
Disembark and make your way to your hotel in Kirkenes, a small Northern Norway town. The rest of your day is at your leisure.

Depart and continue with your journey. 


Coastal Voyage SouthKirkenes to Bergen, 8 Days

From $2,260 per person, this post conference experience includes:

  • Overnight in central hotel in Bergen & Kirkenes, breakfast included (1 night pre and 1 night post voyage)
  • 5-night voyage (South bound voyage) from Bergen to Kirkenes in a twin outside cabin
  • Full board whilst on board Hurtigruten ship
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Taxes and service fees

Please note:

  • Please have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your travel arrangements, including cancellation. Please contact CPE Travel for your requirements.

Details of our private escorted journey from Kirkenes to Bergen.

Day 1 – Arrive Kirkenes and explore this city on your own
Arrive in Kirkenes airport, and make your way to your hotel in Kirkenes, a small Northern Norway town. The rest of your day is at your leisure and if you wish to add some activities to your day, please let us know. Kirkenes has a very interesting war museum - the Borderlands - with a quaint cafe to sit back in. The king crab safari is not to be missed this afternoon or a visit to the Russian border. Your ship leaves in the morning so this is your time to explore this outpost township

Day 2 – Embarkation in Kirkenes
Join your voyage in Kirkenes as the ship turns around to travel southbound (the ship arrives at 9am, embarkation from 9.30am & leaves Kirkenes approx. 12.30pm). In the afternoon, the ship docks at Vardø, Norway's easternmost port. Weather permitted, you may be invited to experience ice bathing in the Arctic Ocean during the winter season. 

Day 3 – Hammerfest and Tromsø (option to visit the North Cape)* 
We dock at Mehamn, where it is possible to join an unforgettable snowmobile trip through one of Europe's most extreme and exciting natural areas.

Breakfast at the North Cape including a visit to a Sámi family form part of an early morning excursion (at extra cost). Before stopping at Hammerfest, you can enjoy an 'Energy coffee' and a short introduction to 'Melkoya - the northernmost natural gas terminal' on board. In autumn we invite you to tast dried reindder meat on deck.

Your next stop, Hammerfest, was a settlement back to the Stone Age and is still playing an important role as a fishing port. Founded in 1789 to develop trade with Russia, Hammerfest reconfirmed its position as Norway’s Polar capital of its time, acting as a base for hunting expeditions to the High Arctic. In Hammerfest the Meridian Column, erected in 1854, commemorates the first precise measurement of the globe, an achievement so important that it’s become a UNE SCO World Heritage Site. As early as 1891, wave energy provided power to the first electric street lighting in Northern Europe, and energy innovation is still a signature for Hammerfest with its large Liquid Gas Plant just outside town.

Continuing south to Øksfjord, the crew will teach you how to tie maritime knots on deck. After crossing open water, we will make a brief stop at the old trading post of Skjervøy before sailing through the beautiful Lyngenfjord. Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps, we may be visited by a local fisherman and enjoy a taste of local freshly-caught shrimp.

From here, your next major stop will be Tromsø where you are invited to take part in a very special musical experience, The Arctic Cathedral Midnight Concert. Or why not head to one of the town’s many friendly pubs and sample the local brew, Mack’s Arctic Beer.

Optional Excursions depending on the season: Snowmobile trip in the Polar Night, Breakfast at the North Cape, the Northernmost Town in the world Hammerfest, Into the Ice - Stories of a Polar Hero, Mountain Hike in Hammerfest and Midnight concert in the Arctic Cathedral.

Day 4 – Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands* 
The daylight sailing through the Lofoten Islands is a highlight for many Hurtigruten guests. The Lofoten region is renowned for its natural beauty with steep mountains, wild nature and small, picturesque fishing villages.

Before you reach them, you pass through Risøyrenna, a channel that was specially constructed for Hurtigruten, providing the vessels an ‘inside route’ between Harstad and Sortland. Risøyhamn is a small village with only 200 inhabitants and the ship stops here briefly to deliver groceries and mail. You then continue onto Stokmarknes, where Hurtigruten was founded, is the location of the Hurtigruten Museum.

Continuing south it looks as if you are sailing straight through the mountain wall but you wail through an opening in the narrow Raftsund, the picturesque narrow channel between the Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands, where, time and weather permitting, you’ll take a detour into the spectacular Trollfjord where steep cliffs hug the ship’s sides, home to the majestic sea eagles.

Then it’s on to Svolvær, the main settlement on the Lofoten Islands followed by Stamsund where the majestic peaks of the huge Lofoten Wall can be viewed. You leave the islands during the evening and set course for the mainland.

Optional Excursions depending on the season: A Taste of Vesterålen, Whalewatching, Lofoten Islands, Lofoten Islands Horse Riding, Sea Eagle Safari, Fishing Village Walk, Fishing in Lofoten, Mountain Hike in Lofoten and Rib-Adventure in Lofoten.

Day 5 – Bodø and The Vega Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.* 
The Helgeland coast with hundreds of islets, fertile farmland and steep granite walls is worth getting up early to experience. Today will also be your last one north of the Arctic Circle as you cross it between Ørnes and Nesna. This part of the coast is rich in local lore with stories including the legend of the Seven Sisters, a picturesque row of peaks, and the myth about how the arrow from Hestmannen’s bow formed the hole in Torghatten Mountain.

The Vega Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is close to our call in Sandnessjøen. The islands were inscribed on this prestigious list due to the unique interaction between man and nature – over centuries the local population have protected the eider duck nests in return for the highly valuable down from the birds.

Optional Activities depending on the season: Unesco Islands Vega and Visit a Salmon Farm.


Day 6 – Trondheim and Kristiansund* 
Today gives you another opportunity to explore the city of Trondheim. Nidaros Cathedral, in which three Queens and seven Kings have been crowned, is Scandinavia’s largest medieval building, and Norway’s crown jewels are kept in the adjacent Archbishop’s Residence.

The town of Kristiansund, located on the scenic Atlantic Road, holds the rather obscure title of Norway’s ‘cured cod capital’ because of the nature of its main export. You can visit the Atlantic Road, one of Norway's most visited tourist destinations. The road is 5 miles long, built on a total of 8 bridges and surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Passing the islands of Munkholmen and Hitra you then cross the open sea to Molde, known as the ‘city of roses’ due to its lush Gulf Stream location. You will notice the steep, grey, pointed peaks of the Romsdal Alps glinting in the sun.

Optional Excursions depending on the season: The Atlantic Road, Marble Mine tour, Trondheim with Nidaros Cathedral and Trondheim City Walk.

Day 7 – Rocky Islands and disembarkation in Bergen. Overnight in Bergen
During the night, the ship stops at Ålesund, Torvik & Måløy, as the world's most beautiful voyage draws to an end.

Today, your Hurtigruten voyage will come to an end when you arrive in the City of Seven Mountains, Bergen. But before that, you still have a few nautical miles of fascinating scenery ahead of you such as the picturesque Nordfjord below the enormous Jostedalsbreen glacier, Norway’s longest fjord - the mighty Sognefjord and the picturesque Bergen Archipelago. Take home your memories of the world’s most beautiful voyage and the many seafaring companions and friends you’ve made along the way.

Enjoy an optional city walk in Bergen arranged with Hurtigruten or ask us for other suggestions.

This evening you have a night on the harbour watching the comings and goings of ships into Bergen. Wander the outdoor & indoor fish market sampling the fresh sushi or seafood platters. Alternatively, ask us about booking you into some of the lovely seafood restaurants on the waterfront.

Day 8 - Disembark 
Our tour finishes after breakfast at your hotel. Make your way to your next destination.


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